October 23, 2022

Weekend Recap

It was a busy and excellent weekend.

Saturday was a kid birthday party in the morning and then our amazing friends came from Bristol for a sleep over with their nearly four year old.  Everyone did major playing on Saturday afternoon and my efforts to declutter were rewarded as our kid friendly house became kid friendly chaos

Sunday was pumpkin picking.  I love pumpkin patches.  I love October.  I love fall.  

Back from pumpkins for lunch and then a walk/ride in the woods. 

Bristol friends headed home.  Early dinner and both of ours were asleep by 7pm.

Exciting things this week:

  • Office on Friday & drinks with colleagues
  • New cleaner (yay!) 
  • Friend breakfast date, running date, and writing date all in the calendar
  • Andy at-home date night planned for Wednesday
Things to improve on this week
  • Doing exercise/walking and especially Barre3!
  • Eating more fruit
  • Getting to bed on time - 9:30 bedtime makes the world a better place

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