October 22, 2022

Gemini Parking Solutions are unfairly targeting mothers and the elderly with parking fines

Today I received a fine from Gemini Parking Solutions – apparently, I did not correctly input my vehicle registration when attending the leisure centre for swimming lessons for my three year old.

I am annoyed, of course, but I am also angry, because to me this is another attack on carers, and on the elderly

I wonder how many tickets are issued because other moms, on little sleep, are rushing their small children into swim lessons or infant classes?

How many OAP forget to enter their registrations on the way to the gym?

How many middle class men are using the leisure centre?  From my view, the men with the most to spend on extortionate parking are already spending it on extortionate gyms.

I’m angry, but unsure where to go on it.  Perhaps Gemini Parking can show they distribute tickets equally based on gender and age… but I doubt it.  This is another way in which companies profit off carers – a community centre aimed at doing good for the community is now financially penalizing those that need the most help.

Gemini Parking Solutions are intentionally targeting parents and the elderly – individuals who are at the most risk of mistake, and with the least spare income available. 

I can and will fight the ticket, but many people won’t have the headspace to do so, and we should all be angry on their behalf.

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