October 28, 2022

Fast Friday

1) While fall is my favourite seasons I also find a crash into winter in a not so positive way sometimes.  As in, I am grumpy.  I'm not sure if it's the darkness, or the fact that working from home means I live a lot of my life in my own house, but I just felt a bit *meh* this week.  Perhaps lack of excercise and winter bug only added to this, but I was not on my best form this week

2) Sometimes having a really good system means I get grumpy when things aren't easy.  Good systems aren't in place to make life easy, they're in place to make a good life possible and an easy life easy.  Sometimes it's not easy.

3) BBC literally puts sadness into my brain so why do I read it all the time?  

It's the start of a new month, time to do monthly goals.  I usually divide my goals into Personal/Professional/Family/Adventure but there is a lot of crossover in the last two.  I'm wondering if a goals structure rethink is needed?  

Also, pondering my journaling for next year.  Bullet Journal style is working okay but also I've let it lapse a bit.  Is that autumn ennui or do I need to look for something else?  

Is it time for me to look at Erin Condren?

Tonight we have friends coming for dinner.  I like seeing friends but I am very tired on a Friday.

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