October 11, 2022

Tuesday Travels - an average day in Wales

 Our friends and their little are doing phenomenally well for having had such a big transatlantic adventure.   We did decide to take it easy on Tuesday and I introduced K to my simple mom-life in Wales.


An hour of free play for the kids, and hour of free chat for the adults.  A biscuit and a cup of tea for the parents, a tea biscuit and a cup of water for the kids.

Circle time, song time, and then home time.

Andy went out mountain biking with our friends dad.  K and I need to figure out something fun to do for a mom trip with no kids.  We have many brownie points now and it's time to use them.

Andy spent the start of the afternoon on bike repair:

And then a walk in the park with all kids and all bikes:

And finally K got to live her lifelong dream of shopping in a British supermarket

After kid bedtime, K and I worked on a birthday cake for Isaac as he's turning 4 tomorrow!  The prompt we were given was "Chocolate Rainbow Dinosaur Triangle cake with 4 layers".  I know this won't win bake off, but I feel we followed the prompt OK (it's 4 layers - a brownie tin size cut in half):

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