October 2, 2022

Weekend Review - Play Street Cardiff

 A busy but great weekend.

Saturday was a morning with L, she and I puttered around the house.

Saturday afternoon was a birthday party for a 4 year old, and we got takeaway from VFS for dinner.  A total blast from the past after reading my own blog post about how good it was.

Sunday morning I had 2 hours of Rachel Time which included catching up on emails and a session of Barre3 online.  Reminder: even 10 minutes of Barre3 is better than no minutes of Barre3!

Sunday lunchtime was another 4 year old birthday party.  Isaac is living his best life.  

Sunday from 2-4 was our first Street Play!  About a year ago Andy and I read about some silly scheme to close roads for kids to play in the street.  "Ridiculous!" we said.  The WalesOnline commenters were against it as well, because they are all trolls.  But then we realized it would be lovely to close our streets and meet our neighbours.  Andy did the logistics and I did the volunteer organizing and we had a great time with about 20 neighbours turning out to play on bikes in the road.

Reminder: sometimes organizing things is very fun. 

This week has a fair amount of moving parts, including going to the office on a Monday(!!) but I'm hoping the week is not too exhausting and we have a week off work after so it's all looking up.

Now it's off to bed so I can get my early morning train....

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